No More White Walls!


No more white walls!

Unless you’re into the ultra modern (white on white) nothing says rental more than white walls!  So, don’t be afraid, it’s only paint ~ let’s get some color on those walls! I know it’s difficult selecting paint colors. 

In one of my color kits there are more than 75 shades of white. No wonder it’s hard for most people to select the right color. 

Have you even gone to the paint store, selected a color swatch or two that you really liked, got it home and it looked awful?  It’s the lighting! The lighting in the store and the lighting in your home are different.  Have you ever gone to a friends home, loved a color on their walls, got the name of the color and painted it on your walls, only to find that it doesn’t look the same  or good in your home?  Again it’s the lighting.  

A color that looks great in one place may not look good in another – lighting a key element.   You’ll either luck-out and quickly find the right color, need to bring home nearly all the shades in the color you’re looking for, or work with someone like me who brings the entire store to you.  I always start with Kelly Moore or Benjamin Moore, but I also work with Ralph Lauren, Behr and Valspar. 

Before and After Photo (Color Consultation followed by a interior redesign) A little space planning and some color on the walls transformed this room! 


What color questions do you have?


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