Move-In Design Service


Moving is hard work, whether you do it yourself or have movers.Once all of your things are in your new home, then the real work begins. Arranging the furniture takes time to make sure it’s functional and looks good. But what if your furniture does work the way it did in your last home? Then you need to get creative and try several different arrangements, but your tired from the move and life still goes on (work, kids, etc) and then there’s the wall art and the accessories. Most people get into a rut and place the same wall art over the same piece of furniture, with the same decorative item and in the same room. Live it up, try different ways or have someone like me come into your home and set it up in one day with a Move-In Design Service so you can start enjoying, and relaxing, in your home immediately!

Before (Left) This is what you saw when you walked into the master bedroom. After (Right) First, we did a little shopping for the client and purchased some new linens, a nightstand, rug and lamp. Then in one day, we went into the home and redesigned and rearranged her exisitng furnishings and updated the room with our purchases. What a difference a day makes!
This client moved into her new home, and gave me a call to help her get settled. We purchased a few new accessories and using her existing furiture we redesigned her home in one day. Now she can sit back and enjoy her new home!

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