To Stage or Not to Stage…


The answer is YES!  Here are three reasons why Staging does work!

Typically … 

1) A Staged home sells faster than a non-staged home.

2) A Staged home sells for more money. 

3) Staging costs less than your first price reduction!  

Even USA Today knows that “Staging results in a faster sale”There are a few different leveles of staging:

– If you’re still living in the home and it’s filled with all of your items, we’ll do a Staging Consultation. We’ll visually inspect your home and provide you with a list of things to do to your home to make it look its best to the masses. That’s one of the keys; it needs to look good to the masses, so that anyone can imagine their things in your home.  You can then take the list and get it all done yourself, or we can help you through the process.

Living room/fireplace before and after. It’s amazing what a little paint and a slip cover will do. For the cost of paint and a few accessories this place looks great! We redesigned this home, and three days later they received an offer/sold the home for $80,000 OVER the asking price!

 – If you’re living in the home, but your furnishings are worn, you’ve already moved some items, or you need to bring in some items to complete the look – then we’ll start with a consultation and also look at bring in furniture or accessories to make your home look its best to the masses.

We staged with home on Friday. They had an open house on Saturday and Sunday. They received multiple offers and the house SOLD on Monday!

– If your home is vacant, we’ll visit your home to get a feel for the style, measure and supply furniture and accessories to make your home look its best to the masses.

This condo sat on the market for over a month without any interest. We fully staged the home and one week later the owner accepted a generous offer!

For more information about Staging check my website Changing Spaces or Visit Home Staging Online


One response to “To Stage or Not to Stage…

  1. Staging is a neccessity in today’s market! If your budget is small, a staging consultation is the way to go. If you have a slightly larger budget, hire the stager to come into your home and make it show ready before you put it on the market. It’s money well spent!

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