What is Interior Redesign?


An Interior Redesigner rearranges your furniture and accessories.  We start by removing everything from the room.  Once we have a clean/clear vision of the room’s architecture, we start by placing the large pieces in the best place for function and style.  We may, with your permission, bring in other items from other rooms in your home.  We arrange all the furniture (sofas, loveseat, chairs, tables, rugs, sideboards, bookcases, etc.) then we bring in the accessories and hang the art.  In just one day, your home will look refreshed using what you already own.

The concept of Interior Redesign is still new to most people, but one that is catching on quickly! Interior Redesign can work for anyone, whether your style is traditional, modern, country, eclectic, etc. Because an Interior Redesigner uses what you already have in your home, but in a fresh new way.

With Interior Redesign you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on furniture and accessories, and wait months for the finished product. We do it all in one day using your stuff, and for a reasonable price. Sometimes, after we’ve finished the Interior Redesign, we’ll leave behind a list of items the home owner could purchase to fill a need or empty space.If you’re thinking about buying some new furnishings, have the Interior Redesign done first. Most of the time, once the Interior Redesign in done, people find that they would have purchased the wrong piece, and now they don’t need anything or they need a completely different item. We like to say, Interior Redesign costs less than the price of buying the wrong piece of furniture.


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