How to select colors for yourself and when to call in the professionals


Color can transform any room.  For a few dollars and a few hours you can completely change the look of a room.  I think it’s the biggest decorating bang for your buck.  Now if you could only pick a color, you could get started. 

Choosing the color is definately the hardest part.  You go down to your local paint store and peruse the thousands of paint swatches.  You may know the basic color you’re looking for, but you don’t know what shade or tone of the color.  That’s why you’re at the paint store.  You’re drawn right to a couple different shades of the color.  Oh, this looks nice, oh wait this one, but then again …. you end up bringing home several swatches, only to find out when you get them home they don’t look at all like they did in the store, so you go back and get some more paint swatches.  I’ve known this to go on and on and on.  People think, “I should be able to do this, it’s only color”, but there are so many choices it can beoverwhelming.  And if you don’t even know what basic color to start with multiple the tips to the paint store 10 times over.

If you really want to select paint colors on your own, start by looking at photos in magazines and tearing out the ones you like.  Eventually, you’ll see a pattern of color and that’s a good place to start.  You can even take those photos with you to the paint store to keep your colors fresh in your mind and even compare the photo to some swatches.  Once you’ve narrowed your choices, take the swatches and look at them at home.  (VERY IMPORTANT)  I can’t say this enough, lighting is key!  Once you find a couple of colors that you think will work, go back to the paint store and order 8 1/2 x 11 color swatches of the colors you like (Kelly Moore) will order these for you). Get a few and but them on different walls of the room you’re going to paint.  This makes it much easier to make a decision than looking at a 1 x 1 swatch in between a few other colors  … yikes!  You can even take it a step further and buy either a sample size of paint (Benjamin Moore) (Ralph Lauren) or a quart and paint a swatch on the wall or purchase a piece of wall board from your local home improvement store and paint it (then you’re not living with paint swatches all over the place, and you can use it again, and again and again.

 These tips have helped a lot of people, I hope it makes it easier for you, but if it’s still overwhelming get a color consultation from someone like me.  It takes all of the stress out of selecting colors and it’s actually fun!

This before photo shows they were ready to paint, but had a hard time selecting the right color, they called us into help and were thrilled with the result!


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