Update that old brick fireplace

If you’re one of those people who have an outdated brick fireplace, but you’re not ready to spend a few thousand dollars redoing the whole fireplace  –  update it for around $300 with paint!  I found this great new product that takes a lot of the guesswork out of painting a fireplace. It’s called Brick-ANew

 Check out this before and after photo:


What a transformation!


2 responses to “Update that old brick fireplace

  1. My wife and I are re-doing a 80’s 3 bedroom ranch. We are nearing the end of the major decorating and the only stumbling block to completion is a monster natural stone fireplace in the living-room. The stones are of all shapes and sizes and the installation was clearly done by someone who had little fireplace installation skills.
    The fireplace is wood burning and is in a corner. I could remove it completely but this would be a major project I would rather not do. Is there a simple way to somehow modify /cut away the protruding large stones/ and paint the stones or am I making more work for myself?

    Please give me any thoughts you might have in salvaging this eye-sore.

    norm mcnary

  2. I recently bought 3 sample paints to find the right color. It looks and smells like paint. It goes on the wall like paint, but is it really paint? The guys at my local S.W. store say it is not real paint. I have 3 qts. of samples and would like to use them (as paint), but now I’m not so sure. It seems very wasteful not to be able to use these paint samples as paint. P.S. This is for interior use and I’m not looking for a paint that will last 10-20 years, nor do I need paint that is durable for scrubbing (my walls rarely get dirty).

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