As a Realtor, I sit open houses, usually for 3 hours.  Open houses can actually be fun, if you have a lot of people come to visit.  The more the merrier!  I mean it!  So next time you see an open house sign, don’t hesitate, go on in, we love the company! 🙂

I bring that up because recently I sat an open house for another Realtor, it was slow and I was bored. So … since I’m also an Interior Redesigner and Stager, I walked through the home imagining what I would do to the home to make it look it’s best.  (Staged homes look better, typically sell faster and for more money!) About 4 weeks later the home was still on the market and they asked me to stage the home, because staged homes (say it with me) typically sell faster and for more money!

That’s what I did this afternoon.  I staged that home.  The homeowners had already moved out and I provided furniture and accessories for a few rooms.  I love staging.  It’s so fun to watch the transformation and even more fun when homes (say it with me) sell faster and for more money.

Here’s a before and after photo of the family room:


As you can see, we started with a clean slate, added the sofa, rug, dining table and chairs, tables, accent piece, ligthing, art and accessories and … ta da!


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