Open House Check List

jill-4.jpgAs a Realtor and professional Stager, part of my job is to advise homeowners on things to do to make their home look it’s best to buyers.  The key word here is buyers.  When I stage a home (occupied or vacant) my goal is to make the home look it’s best to the masses.  I enhance the overall structure and floorplan of the home.  I showcase the good features and downplay the not so great features. If occupied, I suggest that the homeowner remove “personal” items like family photos, collections, trophy’s,etc.  When these things are in a home a potential buyer is looking at – they either pay more attention to your personal items than the home (Oh, look at that collections of…) or with all of the personal items out, they feel like they are intruding in YOUR home.  Thus, they look briefly and leave quickly. And we don’t want that to happen!

Hiring a professional stager is a great investment in helping to sell your home quicker and for more money!  Staging really works! Whether it’s a simple staging consultation and the homeowners do all the work themselves, a fully staged home or something in between, I highly recommend that you STAGE THAT HOME!!!


Realtor Magazine interviewed and video taped some homes/rooms before and after 2 hours of staging with a budget of $250 dollars. It’s amasing how just rearranging the furture or moving/removing a few items or spending a few dollars can make a HUGE difffence.

Here are a view suggestions from HGTV on the things you can do to prepare your home for an Open House with this OPEN HOUSE CHECK LIST.

Jill Denton ~ Hometown GMAC Real Estate and Changing Spaces Interior Redesign & Staging


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