Furniture on an angle?


I’ve seen so many Interior Redesigners who always place furniture on an angle. We’ve seen it again and again and again on HGTV ~ I’m sick of it!  Don’t get me wrong, I like furniture on an angle sometimes, just not all the time, because it doesn’t always work well.  I don’t think you should place your furniture on an angle just because you’ve seen it done on TV so many times, do it for a good reason:


– Because the room has an unusual layout that requires creative arrangement.

– To draw attention to something or something else in the room.

– To create better traffic flow.

– To make a small room look bigger.

– Because it looks good.

– Just because you’re board and want a change.

I recently did an Interior Redesign on a family room.  The room was on the small side, and it only had three walls.  One wall held the large entertainment center that couldn’t fit on any other wall, the second wall had a large low window and the last wall had a large window like opening into the dining room.

In the before picture, you can see that the sofa was placed below the opening to the dining room, because the entertainment center could only fit on one wall (across from the sofa) and the high back sofa would block the great view if placed in front of the window.  The down side to the sofa being on the dining room opening wall it wasn’t very conversational, it looked just okay, but it made for easy access for the kids to climb up onto the opening.



Let’s talk about the room.  The sofa would really only work two ways in this room.  One where it is, but it wasn’t conversational, looked just ok and it was climbable, or two “On an angle”.  We opted for the angle because it made the arrangement much more inviting and conversational, based on a few facts:  only three walls in the room, the view, the entertainment center, plus the fact that we wanted to keep the climbing to a minimum.



The room really came to life on an angle.  It will be only better once the homeowner gets some wall art and accessories. Anyway, the angle works with the layout of the room, it looks good and it’s funtional!  If you look at the before photo closely, you’ll see the two side chairs, but they we placed unconversationally, you walked into the back of one of them before. Now they can see the TV, enjoy the view and welcome their guests. So, here’s one example of furniture placed on an angle that worked!

Do a little searching, looks at some magazines,  Lowes even offers some tips on how to arrange a room.  Don’t be afraid, If you want to try angling a piece of furniture in your home, go for it.  If you like it – GREAT! If not, you can always move it back.

Jill Denton ~ Hometown GMAC Real Estate and Changing Spaces Interior Redesign & Staging


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