Paint Paralysis?


The dizzying array of color choices and their associated names are enough to give a homeowner a case of Chromophobia – the fear of colors. How do you decide what color(s) to use when there are so many options?

Choosing the right paint color(s) for the interior or exterior of your home can be frightening.  Most of us have gone through the process to find the right paint color. I know some people who have spent hours going to paint stores looking at swatches, bringing a some home looking at them again, then painting swatches on their walls – unable to decide which is the right color.  Some have even gone as far as to paint the entire room, only to find out it was the wrong color.  That’s so frustrating.

I find it helps to bring in a 3rd party.  You can always start with your friends, but sometimes they each have their own separate opinions.  Maybe get the opinion of someone whose house/colors you like.  Other tip would be to look through magazines and tear out pages of pictures of rooms that you like.  Don’t analyze it, just do it.  Once you’ve finished, spread the pictures out, I think you’ll find a few common threads.  (ie, each of the pictures you selected have the same wall color, or each of the pictures you selected all have the same predominate color throughout the room, etc. You could also try  Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer where you can try thousands of Benjamin Moore paint colors on sample images of house exteriors and interior rooms, or import a picture of your own house. This inexpensive program comes on a CD, or you can download it. (Mac OS X and PC compatible). I have the program.  It’s kinda fun to play with and it can give you a general idea of what your home/room would look like painted red, yellow, green, blue, etc.  But I find that the colors you see on your computer screen are not what you’ll see of your wall, so you can only use it to get a general idea of color.  For example, if you can’t decide between painting a room red or blue, you could upload a photo of the room and try a couple varisions to see which way to go.  If you’re still at a loss and feeling overwhelmed with the hundreds if not thousands of paint color choices, get a color consultation so you can start enjoying your beautiful new space.

I want to hear about your color catastrophes.

How did you solve the problem? Or are you still trying to find the right color?

Jill Denton ~ Hometown GMAC Real Estate and Changing Spaces Interior Redesign & Staging


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