Moving and Pets

dog 1Moving can be stressful for everyone, including our pets.   Here are a few pet friendly moving tips.

 Most importantly, be sure your pet has and ID tag and or micro chip – with current contact information.  I know that’s a tough one while in between moves, but if you don’t have your new contact info yet, add a cell phone number or another reliable phone number.  

Moving is a lot of work, and remember you have to pack for your pet as well. So make it easier on you and purchase at least a couple of weeks so food (one less thing to worry about). The same goes for any medication.  If your pet is on medication, be sure to put those meds in a safe place!  You don’t want to misplace them.  If you misplace the meds, and you’re moving out of the area, you’ll have to take your dog to the vet to be screened to get more medication. Also, be sure to get a copy of your pets medical and vaccination records too.  Pack up their belonings, but I’d suggest if they have toys, to leave out one of their favorites, just like you would for your human children. 🙂

What do you do with your pet on moving day?  If you’re staying local, maybe you can have a friend watch the pet during the actual move.  If that is not an option, place your pet in a safe place.  If your pet is crate trained, consider using the crate.  It’s always a good idea to add a sign that says “Pet Inside” no matter where you place your pet (inside or outside).  The last thing you’ll want is a runaway animal in the middle of a move.  

As soon as you get into your new home, I suggest you take the time show your pet around.  Let them sniff and explore with you at their side.  Show them the location of their food and water bowls, show them where they should go potty, take them for a walk around the block, etc.  Just like people, some adjust quicker than others, so it’s a good idea to have their personal items out ASAP!  Things like, their crate, toys, bed, etc.Our pets are so smart! They know when we are happy, sad or stressed.  Make this day easier on them (and you) by taking a little time to pet your pet.  It’ll put a smile on both of your faces.


More tips on moving with pets: smartbox, PetLvr, About, my pet med network


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