What Color is Your Ceiling?

Ceilings are just another wall or opportunity to add color and or character to your home.  White ceilings are very safe, and if that works for you – great.  But I prefer to make a statement! Mild or bold, color on ceilings can be beaituful!

In the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s you would find tin ceilings in farm house and old victorians.


To add a little drama, you can find wall paper on ceilings,


travel to Morocco and you’ll find hand painted decorative ceilings… 


or even material draped across the ceiling,


in Asia you’ll find beautifully decorated ceilings,


travel to Paris and you’ll find materpieces on ceilings,


and in Italy you’ll find elaborate ceilings


and in America, you’ll typically find plain white ceilings.


What is up with that?  I think it’s time we decorate our ceilings! 

When I do color consultations for people, most are afraid of painting a color on the ceiling, and I’ve found that if I can get them to paint at least one ceiling a color – they love it!  If you’re afraid, start small and simple.  Try painting the ceiling of a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. I don’t typically like the same color on the walls and ceiling (can either be too much of a good thing or boring) unless it’s a vibrant color in a small space (like a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room).  Another reason it’s a good place to start is size, if you don’t like it or choose the wrong color, it’s easy to repaint.

A pale blue will make the ceiling recede (great for low ceilings) and pale yellow will give the illusion of sunlight (can help to brighten up a space).  You can also create more definition in a ceiling by painting the ceiling as if it was a tray ceiling.  In other words, leave a foot or two of white ceiling around the border and paint the center the color you select.  This home had extremely high ceilings in every room but this one.  Although these were 10 foot ceilings, compared to the rest of the house it looked very low, so we added a pale blue to help make the ceiling recede. 


So what do you think?  Are you ready to decorate your ceiling? Call me to schedule a Color Consultaiton.  http://www.jilldenton.com/contactus.html

Jill Denton ~ Changing Spaces




2 responses to “What Color is Your Ceiling?

  1. I love the images of ceilings you’ve collected. What a great inspiration to liven up that boring, white ceiling.

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