Decorating and dog crates

I am a dog owner.  I love my dog.  She loves her crate ~ it’s her den.  I hate the crate, because it’s ugly.  One day it hit me, there has got to be a better way, and here’s what I found:

I found this one on-line at Pet Street Mall:

wicker lok crate

I found this one on-line at Hardwood Hideaway and at Costco:



This is what it looks like when not being used in a photo shoot:


Pets are an extension of our families and Americans spend billions of dollars each year on their pets.  It’s great to see that someone has created good looking dog crates.  They function and they look good!

If you’ve found some other decorative dog crates … please share your info!



3 responses to “Decorating and dog crates

  1. Wow! what a wonderful pic’s, really its nice to see them in crates, they are looking great…thanks for sharing with us and I was looking for crate patterns, as per my requirement I would like to buy this carriers.

  2. I’ve been looking for a way to integrate my dog’s crate into my home as well. He is a 105 lb chocolate lab, and it seems that his crate takes up most of my dining room! I wonder if there are any of these types of crates for larger dogs.

    I might just have to build one myself eventually!

  3. Visit for some of these crates and also the Alumaden round end-table dog crates. They also have some for cats.

    It’s a fun site.

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