Top 10 Easy Steps to Creating a Healthier Home

I found this great article on and had to share it with all of you! Enjoy!

Having a beautiful, comfortable and efficient home is important, but is your home a healthy home?  Well here are 10 steps that you can start taking right now to create a healthier, more positive, living home that will support both you and the environment.

  1. Replace your air filters.  Use at least a MERV11 rated air filter.  The 3M Filtrete 1250 is readily available in many common sizes.  Remember to allow your home to breathe by allowing proper ventilation by opening your windows daily.  Lack of fresh air can create “sick buildings”.  Bring in that fresh air and breathe deeply!
  2. Eliminate clutter.  Excessive clutter is stale, negative energy that collects dust, feels heavy, drags you down and holds you in the past.  Remember the 50% Space to Stuff Ratio.  By making room in your home, you are creating room for new opportunities to come in, and that includes great health.
  3. As your cleaning products run out and you replenish your supplies, be sure to buy biodegradable, naturally derived and chemical free products.  As you replace personal cleansing products, toiletries and cosmetics, choose natural products that have been created without chemicals and preservatives.
  4. Add a whole house water purification system.  When traveling, store your water in glass containers that do not out-gas.  Avoid plastics, think about all those water bottles that just aren’t necessary.  Choose better.
  5. Eliminate using toxic herbicides and pesticides.  Find ecologically sound solutions of managing these issues.
  6. When purchasing new clothing, choose natural fabrics.  Your clothing is your second skin, your home is your third skin.  Make them all natural, non-toxic and breathable.
  7. When replacing home furnishings, linens, decorative items, and rugs, choose items made from natural materials, woods harvested from sustainable sources and that are not chemically treated.  Avoid synthetic materials and fabrics, plastics and all PVC’s.
  8. When it comes time replace your carpet, eliminate it and use hardwood or natural stone.  Carpets harbor dust, dirt, mites, and all sorts of nasties, not to mention the out-gassing and VOC’s.  Keep your floors clean and fresh with natural surfaces that are easy to clean and beautiful to look at.  When repainting, use low VOC paints and stains. 
  9. Bring a little nature into your home.  A few living plants in your home will do wonders for you.
  10. Check the electrical and EMF levels in your home.  Hire a professional to evaluate whether or not you have any problem areas and if you need to have an expert come out to make any repairs.

See how easy it is?  With just a little forethought, research and guidance from those that share the desire to improve health of our planet and all those that live here, we can all make this earth a healthier, more vibrant place.  And it begins with each and every one of us.  We start with ourselves, our bodies, our clothes, our homes.  The choices we all make on a day to day basis can make a huge impact.  The steps we take to make our homes healthier will result in a healthier planet for all!

Source: Nickie, Get Stagged 2 Sell


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