Paint Color Trends for 2008 – Benjamin Moore

There are four categories of color trends this year from Benjamin Moore. Modern Tranquility,  Organic Comforts, Pure Opulence and Hot Colors for 2008.

Benjamin Moore paint color trends 08

Personally, I am drawn to the Mayflower Red, Misted Fern and Cork. Which would you choose?


You may or may not be this daring, but here are all three hot colors together

paint color trends 2008

According to various sources, environmental and earth colors will continue to be popular paint color choices for homedecor and interior design in 2008. Popular color palettes will still include brown paints, green paints, and blue paints.

There is an “environmental” trend afoot, being propelled by global events including increased reports of global warming, water preservation, gas prices, an increase in the development of alternative energy sources, and manufacturing trend which is making more hybrid vehicles available to consumers. The environment is very much on our minds, and the colors that make up the environment are seeping into our interior home decor choices.

2008 Home Decor Paint Colors

2008 Home Decor Paint Color Palette: “Agrestic”

Forecast color palettes for 2008 home decor includes a contemporary take on rustic color and design. Look for deep, roasted browns, goldenrod yellows and energetic pinks, plus “tender greens,” like Mountain Sage from Behr paints.

Other colors that fit this 2008 color palette:

Estate Vineyard by Behr is a deep, burned red-infused brown.

Sunshine Yellow by Benjamin Moore is a bright yellow that fits with this 2008 paint palette.

2008 Home Decor Paint Color Palette: “Chinoiserie”

Any home decor inspired by “intricate patterns” and “elaborate decoration” that has been Chinese influences fits in this 2008 home decor color paint palette. This paint palette draws on mauves, and yellowish-greens, not the blue and white combination you may be picturing.

2008 Home Decor Paint Color Palette: “Ethnic Chic”

A global, international influence retains a tight hold on interiors in 2008. The internationally-inspired colors take the richness of Bollywood colors and tone them down slightly, with careful color complement selections.

For example, dark purples like Exotic Orchard by Behr continue to be popular, but are toned down somewhat when used with an earthy gray hue like Gray Mirage by Benjamin Moore.

Also think of pumpkin-infused color like Behr’s Spiced Pumpkin paired with a bright Toronto Blue paint by Benjamin Moore.

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2 responses to “Paint Color Trends for 2008 – Benjamin Moore

  1. I am looking for a neutral tan or beige BM color for a room with 18′ ceilings. It is a living room/dining combination. I don’t want it to look pinkish. What would a good color be. I have heard of Tyler Taupe, Wilmington Tan Lennox tan?

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