The Best Place to Hang a Mirror

I love it when a mirror reflects the outdoors. A mirror placed across from a window or patio door will bring the beautiful outdoors in.  Beautiful is a key word.  Don’t reflect the outdoors if all you see is a fence or a shed.  Although this is my favorite way to display a mirror, mirrors can reflect other things – you just need to pay attention.  If you hang a mirror too high, it’ll only reflect the ceiling.  Hang a mirror on the wrong wall and reflect the bathroom or something else you really don’t want to accent.

Mirrors basically have two basic funtions.  1.  A mirror is for checking yourself out, primping and making  sure you’re looking good.  2.  A mirror should reflect something of interest, like a view.  Keep this is mind and you’ll enjoy your mirror much more.

What kind of mirror should you hang in your home?   Should you get a new mirror or leave the old one?  So many questions, and here are a few answers.  Did you know, a mirror can date the look of a home?  It’s true, because mirrors can reflect the era in which the mirror was placed.  In the 60-70’s people did walls of veined mirrors. 

gold vein mirror

In the 80’s sectional mirrors were in style. 


Nowadays, large framed mirrors are all the rage, but I think anything goes.  First of all select a mirror that fits your style.  Consider the style of the mirror with the style of your home, consider color of the frame, and the size of the mirror.  But most importantly consider what the mirror will refect once hung on the wall.  I think this is the biggest mistake people make when placing mirror(s) in their home.  You might also want to think about the principles of Feng Shui before you hang a mirror.

“Mirrors are used quite often in Feng Shui with INTENT. They can be a way to intentionally draw someone into a space—or  make them feel “pushed away.”  For example, we usually recommend placing a mirror if you have a small entrance-way, to “grace” someone into the space.  We also look for walls to hang mirrors where they reflect the outside.  “Letting the Outside IN” is a Feng Shui Principle to create the Yin/Yang of a space.  But every space is different and before hanging ANY mirrors, have someone hold them and see how they make you FEEL first.” 
“Mirrors also Intensify and Magnify anything they are reflecting.  If you hang a mirror and it’s reflecting a blank wall, you will double the energy of nothing.  Always check to see the ENERGY of what that mirror faces.  Some lovely artwork opposite a mirror is a wonderful addition…..some people want to intensify LIGHT as well.”  Source: Carol Feng Shui Long Island 

Jill Denton

Jill Denton ~ Changing Spaces


6 responses to “The Best Place to Hang a Mirror

  1. Very Interesting post.
    I think most people underestimate how much impact mirrors can have on their decor.

  2. Gone are the days when mirrors were simply for grooming. Methinks a Mirrors Part 2 is in the offing, with more more photos, hmm…
    Carnival glass and Decorating ideas

  3. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  4. I’m putting gold-veined mirrors back up in my dining room. I thnk they are beautiful and really glamorize the whole room.

  5. Where can you get gold veined mirrors? I haven’t seen the real ones anywhere.

  6. Your best bet to is search on line! Good luck

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