Paint Color Consultations

Color is one HOT topic! 


Everyone wants to know what color(s) to paint inside their home.  You can look at color trends and find colors that you are drawn to, but please understand that lighting is key.  Just because it’s on the hot list for colors in 2008 doesn’t mean it’ll look hot in your home.  You still have to do the work.  You can select a basic color from the 2008 trends then either hire someone to do a color consultation or do the leg work yourself and go get similar color swatches from one or two paint stores.  You’ll find that some look to bright, some to dull, some will look dirty and some will have a underling shade of green, pink, yellow…

You’ll also need to keep in mind existing colors that will stay in the room.  Make sure the paint color you select coordinates with the flooring, cabinets, wood work and any fabrics that will also be in the room.

When I do a paint color consultation I typically start with Kelly Moore paint.  I have used Kelly Moore for so long that I know most of the colors very well, and I find that there are a few shades of yellow, green, blue and red that are very appealing to most people.  However, once in a while those same popular colors will look terrible in some homes.  Why?  The lighting.  Natural lighting will bring out different undertones.  Whether there’s a lot of natural light or not enough.

It’s really not that hard to find paint colors that you like.  The hard part is making the decision which one will look best in a room(s) of your home.  If you’re painting yourself, go ahead and paint a wall.  What’s the worst thing that can happen? You won’t like the color and have to buy  eand paint it again.  If you’re paying a professional painter to paint, you might want to spend a few more dollars and get a professional color consultation.  You’ll be glad you did!

Jill Denton

Changing Spaces ~ Color Consultations


2 responses to “Paint Color Consultations

  1. We are painting the inside of our home soon and we are hiring someone to do it. My living and dining rooms are separate and divided by a small entry. The problem is those rooms are dark with a small amount of natural light including the entry. I’m leaning toward neutral colors. What color would you suggest to paint in those areas?

  2. Hi Karen,
    It’s very hard to suggest colors without seeing the space in person. Even neutral colors have different under tones, and the colors will look different from house to house and even room to room – based on the lighting.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:
    1) Get a color consultation.
    2) Buy some poster size wall board at Lowes and some sample paint colors and test each one.
    3) Go to Kelly Moore and select one of their standard pre-mixed neutral colors (like: wise owl, spanish sand, oyster). You still won’t know until you get it on the wall, but these are at least tried and true colors.
    Best of luck!

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