Decorating Trends for 2008

This years hot trend is … Interior Redesign, No Cost Decorating, Home Makeover, Interior Rearrangement … no matter what you call it, it’s all about using what you already own and love in a fresh new way. Interior Design used to be only for the rich and famous – not any more! Now-a-days, people are loving the new style of design called “Interior Redesign“. Interior Redesign gets a professional decorator like myself in YOUR home to assist you in getting the look you want for one room or your entire house, and for less than you think!

I’ve done hundreds of Interior Design/Redesign Consultations and I have saved people thousands of dollars. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to someone home and they show me the room in question and say “We like our things, but this room just doesn’t feel right. It must need something else, so we’re going to go and buy this …. what do you think?” I always say, BEFORE you go out and spend any money, let’s do an Interior Redesign on the room. I explain that we will remove everything form the room and then start putting it all back. Starting with the large pieces, we’ll arrange the furniture in a way that shows off the architecture of the room, looks great and is also functional for you. We may even pull some pieces from another room (if that’s okay with you). Then we’ll bring in rugs, table and lamps. Next we’ll add art and accessories to complete the look. Once we’re done, 9.9 out of 10 times, we’ll find that the piece of furniture they were going to buy would NOT have worked or just would have been a waste of money. The room need something completely different or nothing at all.

If you have a room that you’re bored with, it just doesn’t feel right, you can’t figure out how to arrange the furniture so it looks good and is functional, call an Interior Redesigner, and in just ONE DAY, we’ll make your home look its best using what you already own and love!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like more information about One Day Interior Redesign or if you’d just like to schedule yours, contact Jill Denton at Changing Spaces. (925) 998-7747


One response to “Decorating Trends for 2008

  1. what questions should I ask when hiring a home redesigner/stager?

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