Decorating Trends for 2008 II

Beams are back!  Remember those dark brownish black beams from the 70’s?  In the late 80’s and 90’s everyone painted their beams white to make them disapear into their ceilings.  Well, guess what?  It’s time to make them look like what they are – a beam.  Okay, so the color they used in the 70’s is very dated and we don’t want to recreate that look, but we do want a beam to look like a beam.  Why?  Because it is a architectual element that adds interest and appeal to your space.


Nowadays, you’ll find beautiful beamed ceilings in new custom homes and beautifully restored beamed in vintage homes.  It’s the homes in between that need some love.  Here are a few easy solutions.  1. Paint the exisiting beam brown.  It could be as easy as selecting the right color, or take it to the next step and add some wood graining.   2. Surround the beam with a wood veneer.   3. Place a “Faux Beam” over an exisitng beam or just put some up where you want to add them.

The beam is there to stay, it’s not going anywhere.  Everyone knows it’s there so don’t fight it … make it the best it can be … love it!


4 responses to “Decorating Trends for 2008 II

  1. I’ve painted my stained brown ceiling beams white. This was a big mistake! What could I do about it? How would it look, if I just paint them brown? Do you know any other solution?

    • Beams are beams, ya just gotta love them! I’m sorry to hear you painted your beams white. Once painted, it’s typically a HUGE job to remove the paint (if even possible). I know of two things that have been done to reverse the effects. 1) YES, paint the beam brown. Depending on how high your ceilings are, you may want to dry brush 2-3 colors to make it look more like a stained beam instead of a painted one. 2) Apply a wood veneer over the beam.
      Best of luck!

  2. We have timber lined ceilings with timber beams upsatirs (and the roof is pitched). How can I tone this down? Is painting the only option (as I know once you paint there is no going back!) and if so, how do I choose the right color?

    • Let me start by saying, the ceiling is just another wall. White works, but it can be very boring. You have beautiful ceilings, so first I would say LOVE THEM! 1) Do something to the walls that enhances or contrasts to make the ceiling shine. 2) You could paint (yes paint) the ceiling BUT leave the beams (beams are so back in style). 3) You could paint the beams much darker than the ceiling. 4) You could refinished ceiling and beams in different colors … or even easier just refinish the beams – darker. Just had another thought, and this one depends you your décor. 5) You could add fabric panels in between the beams. Most of these are big jobs and without seeing the room in person I can only speculate. I suggest you hire someone like me to help you make the best decision for you. Let us know what you decide.
      Best of luck!

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