Do You Have Good Traffic Flow Inside Your Home?

yeild to traffic flow 

One crucial part of design is traffic flow.  A room not only needs to look good, but it needs to have good traffic flow. 

Have you ever stepped into a room only to be blocked by a piece of furniture.  Not too long ago I went to a friends home.  It’s decorated very Pottery Barn style.  From the entry, you walk down a hallway to the family room where you run right into the back of an overstuffed chair.  I literally had to side step around the chair to get into the room.  While I did a little dance around the chair my mind began rearranging or “Interior Redesigning” the room.  Overall the room was laid out well.  It was just the one overstuffed chair that created a problem. 

Click on the “Good Traffic Flow” link below and you’ll see two sample layouts but first, let me explain.  The top layout is BEFORE, and you can see the open doorway that leads you into the chair and a round ottoman in another corner.  In the AFTER layout, you’ll see that by just switching the over-sized chair with the ottoman, the flow into the room has greatly improved.  One thing you can not see on the layout is the difference in height of the chair and ottoman.  Where the back of the chair visually blocked the entry, the ottoman visually lets you enter the room.  Good Traffic Flow

Traffic flow is essential for comfortable living; as well as, comfortable viewing for those of you who are planning on selling your home.  Dana Dickey says: “Control the flow! If you have a problem with traffic flow, bump into things and do not like the way your rooms feel, then a potential buyer will FEEL the same thing. Proper placement of furniture is essential when buyers are looking at square footage. Remember why you bought the house and try to change what doesn’t work.” Source: Inside Redesign LLC

How about you?  Do you have any traffic flow problems in your home?

Jill  Denton ~ Changing Spaces


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