Arranging furniture in a rectangular shaped room

I’ve had so many people contact me about arranging furniture in a rectangular shaped room!  This is one hot topic!  It all comes down to space planning.  If you’ve got a good eye for space planning, do it yourself (see my other article on “How to arrange furniture in a rectangular shaped room“).  If not, call in a professional Interior Redesigner. In 2-3 hours (for an average sized room with an average amount of furniture and accessories) an Interior Redesigner can transform your rectangular shaped room. 

I have people contact me who say, “We never use that room”, “I don’t like the way it feels in the room so we don’t spend any time in there” and “You could blow that room up and none of us would miss it.”  Don’t waste your valuable space.  Let’s turn it into something you’ll love and use.  Don’t wait another day! Contact me and get that rectangular shaped room redesigned!

Jill Denton ~ Changing Spaces


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