How to add some color to your apartment

Decorating apartments can be challenging because, typically, you’re not allowed to paint. Staring at those white walls is so boring, and probably doesn’t enhance your personal style. But you are in luck because there is a way for you to add some color to the walls without painting.
You can use a room divder as wall art instead of as a room divider.  You can purchase a room divider that is wood, iron or filled with material, just pick out what you like.  If you decide to place a room divieder on the wall, be sure that it is flat and not folded at the hinges.  Then you can either just lean it against the wall (just keep in mind the flatter the room divider is to the wall the better it will look.)  You can also get a little creative and hang it on the wall, make a stand for it or just place something heavy and decorative in front of it to keep the bottom from sticking out too far. Another great way to use a room divider is as a headboard.  If you don’t have a headboard this is a quick, easy, affordable way to add color and interest to your bedroom.  You can either just place it between the bed and the wall or hang it ont he wall. 
Or if you’re feeling creative, purchase some VERY LARGE canvases and paint them.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist to paint.  You can just pick some colors that you love that will go with what you have in the room and paint the entire canvas that one solid color.  Sign it and you’re done.  You can make it as simple or complex as you wish.  Either way, in the end you get color on your walls!
Another newer option is vinyl wall art.  Most of the vinyl wall art just sticks onto the wall and peels off when you want to move it.
vinyl wall art
vinyl headboard
Just a few simple and affordable way to add interest and more color to your apartment.
Jill Denton ~ Changing Spaces

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