Is now a good time to buy a home in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Nowadays we hear, “It is not a good time to buy real estate” … then we hear “It IS a good time to buy real estate!”  So which is it?  You could ask 100 different people and you’d get 100 different answers.  The real quesstion is … “Is it a good time for YOU to buy a home?

Before you decide to shop for a new home ask yourself a few questions.  For example: Why are you buying a home? Are you a first time home buyer?  Looking to upgrade?  How long do you plan to live there? What interest rate do you qualify for? Is it a fixed or variable rate?  How much are you planning to put down? How much income do you earn? Are you living alone or sharing expenses? What are the many tax benefits?  These are just a few questions you should ask yourself.  Do your homework. Buying a home is probably the biggest and most important decision you’ll ever make, so make sure that all of your answers are in your favor.

Buying a home in the San Francisco Bay Area can cost a lot more money than in other parts of the county, but typically the return on investment is also a lot more.

Depending on your circimstance, now may be a great time to buy!  Why?  Because …

Reason #1: Home prices lower than they’re been in long time!

Reason #2: Mortgage rates lower than they’ve been in years!

Reason #3:  This is a Buyer’s Market!

Reason #4:  Because it’s a Buyers Market, usually you can take a little more time to make a decision.

Reason #5:  Plus you typically do not have to worry about bidding wars in a Buyers Market.

Reason #6: Prices are more likely to be negotiable in a Buyers Market.

Reason #7: With a home as a right-off, you’ll most likely pay less in taxes.

Reason #8: If you’re currently renting, you’ll be able to decorate or renovate YOUR home any way you like.

Reason #9: Appreciation!  Although real estate moves in cycles, sometimes up and sometimes down, over the years real estate and consistently appreciated.

Reason #10:  I’m available to assit you in finding and purchasing the place you’re looking to call home.

Jill Denton, Realtor

Hometown GMAC Real Estate



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