Paint Color Tips and Tricks


1.  Most of the local hardware/big box stores carry poster sized pieces of wallboard and sample boards (about the size of a piece of paper).  These are GREAT tools to have if you are unsure about your color choice.  Buy samples of the paint you’re considering and paint on the boards.  You can move these all around the room  and you won’t have paint patches all over your walls.  Be sure to place the board on each wall because the color will look different on every wall depending on the lighting.

2. Now that you’ve selected the right color, you have one more choice to make.  Which sheen do you want?  Ah geez!  Another decision.  Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss or Gloss?  (These are in order from flat to one with the most shine for Kelly Moore paints). Here’s a tip.  The higher the shine the more washable the paint/wall.  However, the higher the sheen the easier it is to see imperfections in the wall.  Nowadays, I find the most popular sheen is Eggshell.  It give you a little wash-ability without being over shiny. However, if you’re painting a wet area (bathroom/kitchen) most people use a  semi-gloss.

3.  How to get a perfect seam.  Sometimes you’ll find that you’ll need a perfect seam in between paints.  Maybe it’s a rounded corner or a transition from one room to another where two different paint colors meet.  Here’s the tip.  Start by making a line with painters tape. Then (and this is the most important part) apply a clear acrylic – matt finish to the seam of the tape and let dry.  This seals the tape to the wall so your new paint color won’t seep under the edge of the tape.  Paint your walls and remove the tape to find a perfect paint line.

Jill Denton


Changing Spaces


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