Choosing the Right Size Chandelier or Light Fixture

When choosing a new chandelier, size matters! Use the examples below to help you determine which size chandelier or lighting fixture is right for your room.

Some basics: If the room is…

  • 10′ by 10′ or smaller, a 17″-20″ diameter light fixture is recommended.
  • 12′ x 12′, select a 26″-28″ light fixture.
  • 14′ x 14′, choose a 24″-36″ light fixture.
  • It should hang about 30″ from the surface of the table.
  • It should be about 12″-16″ narrower than the width of the table it hangs over.

If you’re selecting lighting for a dining room and you do not have your furniture yet, here’s a calculation you can do to determine the right size chandelier for the room. Add the length plus the width of the room which will equal the right size chandelier diameter. For example, a dining room that is 12′ x 14′  would look great with a 26″ diameter chandelier.

Jill Denton


Changing Spaces


10 responses to “Choosing the Right Size Chandelier or Light Fixture

  1. Having the right size furniture and lighting in a room is key to making a property look it’s best. A ceiling light that is to big will make a room look small.

    When selling a house you want it to seem open and spacious.

  2. What is the best way to size a lighting fixture on the exterior of a house?

  3. You need to keep the space around the fixture in mind. For example, if you have a covered porch you want to be sure to leave some space above the fixture. Size is the biggest mistake I see. Just keep in mind, if you have a smaller space, use a smaller fixture and if you have a big space use a bigger fixture. And try to keep with the style of the home. Best of luck!

  4. If you guys are looking for indoor lighting then I would try Schonbek.

  5. My kitchen is 12 X 10 and I will be purchasing a light fixture to hang over the table. Is 24 inches in diameter acceptable? I will; likely have a table no wider than 36 inches. Thanks in advance

  6. I have a similar situation to corrierules… My new kitchen will be 11×14 and has a cathedral ceiling. Rather than put small pendants over the 3×6 island, I was going to use two smaller chandeliers. Do you think that 19 1/2 inches in diameter is too large for each?
    Thanks for any guidance!

    • Hi Melly … big is in! That being said … choosing the right size chandelier is based upon the math in my article. If the rest of your home is bold, you may be able to pull off two. I would need to see the space and the chandeliers to know for sure. Best of luck!

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