Home & Design: What’s In and What’s Out


  • A reduced carbon footprint: How your home and you impact the earth matters to more buyers who want a home that lets them save energy and lessen their contribution to global warming.
  • Outdoor living: Massive fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and under-patio heating to extend the season are not just for the Sun Belt anymore.
  • Fully concealed appliances: That wood-printed cover for the fridge is not enough any longer; now appliances are hidden behind hinged doors.
  • Floating homes: Not your father’s houseboat, these nonmobile homes are basically ranch houses sitting on stationary barges in a lake or river.
  • Home elevators: Even builders of mid-priced homes are adding this essential for boomers wanting to age in place.
  • Pet showers: Clean pets mean clean homes, and who wants to mess up the bathtub when this feature can be a part of the garage or mudroom?
  • Freestanding bathtubs: These oversized soaker tubs, or “bath thrones,” have supplanted whirlpool baths as the must-have bathroom centerpiece.
  • Bathroom suites: Whether it’s multiple flat-screen TVs or a mini fridge and cappuccino maker, you’ll soon have a whole home inside this one room.
  • Ceiling Beams: Beams were in, then they were out – and everyone painted their beams white.  Well, they’re back in, so paint them a warm shade of brown or cover them with a wood veneer.


  • Living rooms: The incredible shrinking parlor has ceased to exist in some homes.
  • Voluminous ceiling heights: The absurd look and wasted space of 20-foot ceilings in 12- by 10-foot rooms is finally dawning on buyers. Tiny balconies Room for only one chair is worthless; balconies must now function for entertaining too.
  • McMansions: Could it be that “small is beautiful” finally is gaining traction?

Source: Realtor Magazine


3 responses to “Home & Design: What’s In and What’s Out

  1. I never thought about the home elevators, and have not seen any in my market here in Tallahassee.

  2. That’s a new one to me as well.

  3. Personally I like the pet showers – sometimes my dog needs a bath before she gets to the groomers. The elevator is great but I have a one story home. Guess that will be helpful for older folks in multi-story homes.

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