Two Households in One

Recently, I did a design consultation; which will be Redesigned next week.  The home was full of two different styles of furniture and accessories (his and hers).  When they got married they merged two families and two sets of furniture. Each of them downsized their belongings only keeping what they loved, but they were unable to blend the two styles … that’s why they called me.

When I looked around the home I could tell which things were hers and which things were his.  The home didn’t feel welcoming and it was driving them nuts.  My goal was to find a way to blend their two styles togethr instead of having a room with her stuff and a room with his stuff.  They had been trying to do it themselves and were not getting anywhere.   We decided to start with the living and dining room. He loved the room and she hated it.  We needed to find a way to keep his things alive but add enough of her style to make her happy too.  I made a few suggestions and they loved all of my ideas and even said “I would have never thought of that” … We scheduled a date for me to return to the home and make it all happen. I sent them out ot purchase a few specific accessories so we could pull it all together.

It’s always amazing to me how the energy can change in a room just by coming up with a plan.  I can hardly wait to redesign that room.  I’ll post some photos once it’ complete.

Jill Denton

Changing Spaces



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