Decorating On A Budget

Some people say were in a recession, but when it comes to our homes, most of us have an uncontrollable urge to remodel and decorate!  So, what do you do in times like these if you don’t have the money to do a full remodel but you just can’t take it anymore?   Here are a few budget decorating ideas that you can either hire someone to do without spending a lot of money and some other things you can do yourself.

1.  Paint!  Paint is probably the most cost effective and design efficeint things you can do to update your home without spending a lot of money.  Even if you hire someone, the cost is low compared to other remodling expenses, but if you paint yourself … it’s down right cheap!  And the best bang for your buck!

2.  Interior Redesign!  Maybe you have a room you never use, or a room that just doesn’t feel or look right, maybe your bored with the room, but you may or may not want to go out and purchase some furnishings to change the look of the room.  Hire an interior redesigner to REDESIGN your home/a room using what you already own and love.  A redesinger will redesign just one room or your entire home.  You decide, based on your wants, needs and budget.  Another best bang for the buck!

3.  Update your accessories.  Try changing out your throw pillows, accessories and art.  This can change the look and feel of your home …maybe just enough to make your decorating urges go away for a while.

4.  Change out your art.  I know, you always hang this piece over your fireplace and that piece in the living room  – change it up.  We get so used to seeing them in the same place that we stop seeing and enjoying them.  Make it fun and invite a friend over (one who’s taste you like) and take down all of your art and then together take turns holding up different pieces in new and different locations.  It’s fun, costs no money and you’re home will look and feel refreshed.

5.  What budget decorating projects have you done?  Please share your experiences here.


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