Going Green

Going Green is not only a way to help our planet, it’s a way of life.

There are 7 categories in being Green.  Where do you fit in?

  • Economizers:  Those who are interested in saving on operating costs through resourse management.
  • Investors: Those who are interested in life-cyle cost analysis and the value proposition of various green features.
  • Health Conscious: Those who believe in the potential health benefits of  green living.
  • Idealists:  Those who believe that conservation of resources for future generation is a social responsibility.
  • Lifestyle-Focused: Those who think that living by overall sustainability principles contributes to a more meaningful and comfortable personal lifestyle.
  • Eco-Chic: Those who are interested in the status and prestige of green living.
  • Skeptical/Unaware: Those who are skeptical of the green hype or are unaware of the benefits of being green.

Which are you?

Now that you know which category you fit into, take it one step further and find out how big is your carbon footprint?  WHAT’S YOUR EARTH IMPACT?

Jill Denton
Realtor, Lic #01804876


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