Are you a candidate for an Interior or Exterior Color Consultation?

 Ask yourself the following questions to see if this service is for you:  

  • Are you bored with your white walls?
  • You’d love some new color on your walls, but are overwhelmed with the choices?
  • Have you collected paint store swatches that look perfect…until you get them home?
  • Do you have many different color swatches painted on your walls?
  • Have you already painted, but didn’t get the right color?
  • Did you move into a new home and the previous owners colors don’t fit your style?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are a good candidate for a Color Consultation!

 Services offered:  design consultations, interior decorating, Interior Redesign, interior and exterior paint color consultations, Staging consultations and Home Staging. There’s something for every budget. Check the website for some before and after photos.

 Jill Denton
Changing Spaces


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