Painting to Sell!

As a Designer and Realtor, I understand the value of color and help people make the right color decisions all the time. What is important to understand is meaning behind the color. If you are updating your home with paint and plan on staying in the home, then get personal! Choose colors that make you sing! However, if you are painting to sell, there is no singing allowed! 



When selling a home, most find they look best when freshly painted with neutral colors.  A neutral color gives the look of a fresh clean canvas while at the same time is warm and inviting to buyers.  Plus it helps to show off your base boards, crown molding, trim and doors.

I know some Realtors who suggest the SAME color for all homes.  I think this is a bad idea because lighting is key when choosing the right color, neutral or not.  Each color has a base to it.  Some have more gray, or blue, green, yellow or even pink and if you choose a color without first looking at it in the light of the home, you could end up with pink walls!  YIKES!  Not a selling feature! You can try to select colors yourself, but I recommend you hire someone like me to help you choose the right colors for you home the first time.  In two hours, on average, you’ll know which color(s) will work best in  your home and  therefore increase the odds of getting an offer(s) on your home.

Painting the right colors will give you a lot of bang for your buck!
Jill Denton
Realtor Lic#01804876
Designer, I.R.I.S


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