Let’s talk about paint COLOR!

Nothing says “Rental” more than white walls.  The only exception in my book is if your decor and home are very modern and then white walls make a statement!Most of us want color.  Some prefer warm colors, some cool and some a combination there of.  Whatever your color preference, go paint it!

I do a lot of paint color consultations.  My favorite part is at the end when I show the client all their selected colors together.  It’s always BEAUTIFUL!  I guide the client to select the colors which call out to them, describing the difference one shade will make over another, holding their hand when needed and in the end they are thrilled with their choices.

I always start with Kelly Moore Paints since most of the painters I have worked with choose Kelly Moore.  Their paints are high quality, offer environmentally friendly paints and have a great selection of colors. However, when needed I also have full designer color kits for Benjamin Moore  and Sherman Williams.  Most of these websites offer color visualization tools where you can upload a photo and try out difference paint colors.  I love the idea, but would highly recommend you use these tools to get a general color idea (blue, green, red, yellow, etc).  Since every computer screen is different, I have found that the actual paint colors look VERY different in real life.

Paint is in my opinion, the best bang for the buck! For example, if you paint an average sized bedroom yourself (about 1 gallon of paint) you can transform the room for about $25!  WOW!   Paint color choice tip:  when choosing a paint color for a bedroom start with your bedding.  If you love what you have use it, if you don’t the first thing you need to do is buy bedding.  Okay, so that ups the budget, but with all of the discount stores out there (Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, etc) and a little time you can get some great deals. So, you have your bedding.  Take a pillow sham with you to the paint store and pull the colors you see in the bedding.  Pull a shade darker and a shade lighter as well.  If it’s a solid, check out the color wheel by Susan Cooper (I think she does a great job explaining color theory) and choose colors that are complimentary, Analogous or Triad.  Pull a shade darker and a shade lighter as well. Then take those swatches home and look at them in the room you are going to paint.  Lighting is key!  You’ll see what I mean when you get those swatches home.

It’s just paint … so go out and color your world!

Jill Denton
Changing Spaces
Interior Designer IRIS



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