My Art: “Can’t See the Forest for the Curves” by Jill Denton

Welcome to the magical world where you “Can’t See the Forest for the Trees”. It’s a beautiful place, full of color and emotions.

For years I have talked about painting, but honestly, I can’t draw a stick figure, so I just kept on talking until my best friend couldn’t take it anymore and bought me everything I needed to get started in 2010. Not having any formal training, I was just painting for me. I decided my first painting would be a tree, a tree that lives in my mind, I named her “Esine Eria” and that was the beginning of the series “Can’t see the Forest for the Curves”. I never know what I’m going to paint, other than a tree, until they reveal themselves to me.

It’s a wonderful journey and I hope you will join me as I introduce new sisters regularly.

As you view my art, I hope you will connect with one or more of my paintings and share them with the ones you love. Let them free your mind, bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart.

This is my first painting: “Esine Eria”

Visit my website to see more of my art and to purchase wall art, t-shirts, note cards and more!

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