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Myth #1: The homeowner must fall behind on mortgage payments in order to qualify for a short sale.
Debunked: Years ago this may have been true, but not in 2012.
• A financial hardship must exist, such as the ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) increasing in monthly payments.
• Loss of job or income.
• Health or medical issues.
• Extraordinary loss in home value (which may be considered a hardship).

Check back tomorrow for myth #2.


New Law Requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Did you know, as of July 1, 2001 a New Law Requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors in all single-family homes with an attached garage in California.  Let me know if you’d like a copy of this information emailed to you.









Jill Denton
Realtor, Lic#01804876

Conforming Loan Limits are going down in 2011

The temporary conforming loan limits for high-cost areas put in place in 2008 are expiring at the end of September.  For example, Alameda County is current conforming loan limits is $729,750. The new loan limit amounts for high-cost areas will return to $625,500 for a 1 unit property.  The new limits will apply for all mortgage loans originated after September 30, 2011. So … if you’re thinking about buying, NOW is the time!

Let me know how I can help!
Jill Denton, REALTOR, Lic#01804876

Some tips on what you can to to help sell YOUR home quicker!

A buyers’ first impressions are set as they approach the house. Therefore, make your home more attractive and purchase-worthy starts in the front yard. To spruce up the yard: Make sure plants are of varied heights and sizes; add color, particularly pink, purple, blue and white flowers; thin out bushes; trim trees; and seed and fertilize the lawn. Put gravel in any thin strip of property between homes. This will make the space look cleaner and less neglected. Also, place mulch around plants. Among the many benefits, it’s aesthetically pleasing and provides unity in the yard.

Current buyers want homes that are well maintained and move-in ready. They may not have the money to make improvements, so go ahead and repair, repaint, update, clean and stage. Repaint in a neutral color. Remove clutter and lighten up spaces by getting rid of heavy curtains and adding new lighting fixtures. Have the windows professionally cleaned. Place fresh, plush spa-like towels in bathrooms.

Buyers will inspect all closets. Clean them out and leave them one-third empty, particularly in older homes with smaller closets. This is one of my favorite tips.  Buyers open a closet, see all the empty spaces and think “This home has a lot of storage” … they never think “The sellers must have had a stager come into the home who told them to clean out the closets to give the appearance to more storage space.”  The human mind just doesn’t work that way.

Finally, depersonalize the home so potential buyers can imagine themselves in the space. Once the house is model-ready, have professional photos taken. Unflattering photos are a huge red flag.  Some buyers are wary of flippers, so avoid anything that might lead buyers to think that quick and possible shoddy work has been done to the house.

Much of this can seem overwhelming to some sellers.  If that’s you, call in a professional stager like me to help you through the process.  Better yet call in a Realtor who also knows staging (ME) and get the job done so you can move onto the next chapter in your life.



The housing market will turn around in the second half of 2011

Those of us in Real Estate have seen this coming all year! According to Freddie Mac: “The housing market will turn around in the second half of 2011” And the second half of the year is just 2 days away, so NOW is the time people! First time home buyers … buy NOW! Move-up buyers … sell and buy NOW! Investors … buys as much as you possibly can NOW! I am more than happy to help. I have time to help a few more good people realize their real estate dreams. Call me NOW!

Jill Denton
REALTOR, Lic #01804876

Serving the San Francisco East Bay:  Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Castro Valley, Fremont….

Source:“Freddie Mac Economist Sees Sunny Economy in Second Half,”HousingWire (June 27, 2011)

Staging Consutlations are Simple, Quick and Affordable!

As a professional Realtor, Designer and Stager, I KNOW the importance of Staging! Staging can be as simple as a one hour staging consultation, and worth every penny!
 I provide a Staging Consultation to my real estate clients at no charge. I also perform this service for people looking to prepare their home for sale and other Realtors who want their listings to look their best!
In a Staging Consultation, I start at the curb and work my way through and home and into the backyard. Making recommendations on how to neutralize the home so that potential buyers can picture their belongs and themselves living in the home. I’ll say things like, remove that, minimize this, fix that, de-clutter this, etc. At the end of the consultation, you’ll have your Staging To Do List which you can tackle on your own or with my help.






TIP: Go ahead and pack up your collection, whatever it may be! Collections are distracting to potential buyers. When they view your home we want them to see and REMEMBER the style, layout and architectural elements of your home, not your collection! When I work with buyers, I find they name the houses for easy recall. One of them named a home: the “Unicorn home” because of a collection and they wrote an offer on the “Mountain home”.
Remember, living in a home that is for sale is different from living in a home on a day-to-day basis. My tips and suggestions are designed to help you sell your home faster and for more money through the art of Staging.

BONUS:  I offer FREE Staging Consultations when you list your home for sale with me.  Serving the East Bay of San Francisco:  Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Castro Valley, Fremont …

Jill Denton
Realtor, Keller Williams
CA Lic#01804876
Designer and Stager

Painting to Sell!

As a Designer and Realtor, I understand the value of color and help people make the right color decisions all the time. What is important to understand is meaning behind the color. If you are updating your home with paint and plan on staying in the home, then get personal! Choose colors that make you sing! However, if you are painting to sell, there is no singing allowed! 



When selling a home, most find they look best when freshly painted with neutral colors.  A neutral color gives the look of a fresh clean canvas while at the same time is warm and inviting to buyers.  Plus it helps to show off your base boards, crown molding, trim and doors.

I know some Realtors who suggest the SAME color for all homes.  I think this is a bad idea because lighting is key when choosing the right color, neutral or not.  Each color has a base to it.  Some have more gray, or blue, green, yellow or even pink and if you choose a color without first looking at it in the light of the home, you could end up with pink walls!  YIKES!  Not a selling feature! You can try to select colors yourself, but I recommend you hire someone like me to help you choose the right colors for you home the first time.  In two hours, on average, you’ll know which color(s) will work best in  your home and  therefore increase the odds of getting an offer(s) on your home.

Painting the right colors will give you a lot of bang for your buck!
Jill Denton
Realtor Lic#01804876
Designer, I.R.I.S